About Avinash Karn

Avinash Karn is an artist from Ranti village, Madhubani, Bihar – the ancient region of Mithila claimed to have been the epic heroine Sita’s birthplace. It is a region where women have been practicing the ritual art of painting for a long time. Having grown up in this atmosphere, Avinash chose to take up Madhubani's eloquent art form to greater heights, and studied at Benares Hindu University’s department of Fine Arts to evolve his artistic language. Based in Varanasi currently, the artist has been conducting workshops for urban dwellers as well as in the form of community building initiatives with the tribal people in Jharkhand, for which he was recently honoured. He has received the Piramal Art Foundation arts residency (2016), was awarded with a Grant for a community art project by Artreach India (Org.), New Delhi (2016); received a Scholarship in the field of Madhubani Painting, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, New Delhi (2014-16) among others. He has worked on several largescale mural paintings and his works have been exhibited and collected worldwide. (Read more...)